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Zeiten für chat räume mystic messenger

Romance expert Zen 23:22 / 11:22.M.
The Demon You Created Rika 15:21 / 3:21.M.
The idea of the chat times schedules is to allow you to sleep, work and still hit the minimum chat participation Mystic Messenger demands of you in order to secure the ending of your choice without santa cam kostenlos spending big heaps of HG to unlock missed chats.
Jaehees information Jaehee free bisexual chat seiten Kang 13:03 / 1:03.M.It's over 707 Zen 22:00 / 10:00.M.Jaehee worries about Jumin Jaehee Kang Bad Relationship Ending 2: Suspicious feeling Bad Story Ending 3: New secretary 18:48 / 6:48.M.'Father' Jumin Han 19:20 / 7:20.M.Jumins Curiosity Jumin Han 15:00 / 3:00.M.An Okay Suggestion Rika 23:13 / 11:13.M.Jaehee enjoying freedom Jaehee Kang Zen 14:39 / 2:39.M.Someone must be chasing us 707 16:16 / 4:16.M.
Jumin on Vacation Jumin Han 08:01 / 8:01.M.
Button containing two speech bubbles, replays the participating version of the chat room.
That was a bad sign Yoosung Jumin Han 10:30 / 10:30.M.
In real life, wed perhaps be turned off, but this is a game, so well allow.
Zen Jaehee Kang 21:00 / 9:00 PM "From the outer space" First Christmas 707 Unknown Bad Ending Time Chat Room Name Participants 18:10 / 6:10 PM "Reached the goal" Yoosung 19:23 / 7:23 PM "Successful event" Xmas 4 years ago Zen Jaehee Kang 21:00.
Zen 707 19:00 / 7:00.M.
Excited Yoosung Yoosung 23:15 / 11:15.M.Best Present Yoosung Rika 13:56 / 1:56.M.Stand-by Jaehee Yoosung Jumin Zen Saeran 12:00 / Noon Normal Ending The Party 12:00 / Noon Good Ending The Party After Ending Once the player has obtained a character's Good Ending, they will be able to unlock their After Ending for 20 hourglasses.Because Mystic Messenger plays out in real time, you can use these chat times schedules to plan when youll log in to interact with the romantic interest of your choice.Rika's shadow Jaehee Kang Zen 23:30 / 11:30.M.For more information, go here.The picture of the last party 707 03:22 / 3:22.M.His Idea of Family Jumin V 23:11 / 11:11.M.Depressing day Zen 16:07 / 4:07.M.Knock knock 707 Jumin's Route: 8th Day Time Chat Room Name Participants 00:59 / 12:59.M.Vs eyes Yoosung Jumin Han 10:41 / 10:41.M.I do not agree that marriage Yoosung 02:50 / 2:50.M.707 Yoosung 13:20 / 1:20.M.